Decided To Postpone Your Wedding? Here’s How To Go About It

With the coronavirus pandemic indefinitely limiting social gatherings, you’ve probably made the tough decision to postpone your wedding until it’s much safer. However, before you begin you should keep in mind that a wedding postponement is a process that should be carried out with care. When done properly, you can smoothly resume your wedding plans once the pandemic is over!

To guide you through these uncharted waters, we’ve put together these five helpful tips below.

  • Stay updated

Presently it has been advised that couples postpone weddings until the end of May. So instead of a spring wedding, you could opt for a summer or autumn ceremony! To stay updated on further changes, follow the news or the local government pages.

  • Check your insurance

If you insured your wedding, contact your insurance company to see what the insurance policy covers before contacting your vendors. While it will not cover the pandemic completely, it may cover some costs.

  • Reach out to vendors and venue

If you have a wedding planner, he/she can help you contact your wedding team, review your contracts, and work on postponement plans. However, if you don’t have a wedding planner, you have to contact your wedding team yourself. Inform photographers, bakers, florists and the venue of your plans to postpone. Ask if they can offer their services in the future and if they can, ask about extra costs. If for some reason they won’t, discuss refunds and ask for recommendations.

  • Inform your guest

Inform your friends, family and wedding party of the changes as soon as possible. You can call them personally or send emails explaining your reason for postponing. Don’t forget to get a confirmation that everyone you sent an invitation to has received this information. To make this process easier, you can enlist your bridesmaids to assist!

  • Celebrate your original date

Even though your wedding doesn’t hold on the original date, it’s still a significant day. So celebrate it with a bottle of champagne and music with your partner. This will definitely brighten up the day!


While it’s natural to feel disheartened about postponing your big day, keep reminding yourself that the pandemic is only temporary. Soon you will wear that beautiful dress and have the wedding of your dreams!