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Demetrios James Elias was born in the port of Piraeus near Athens, Greece. As a young boy, he immigrated to the United States with his family. While still in school, he assisted his parents in their family-owned bridal store in Warren, Ohio. It was during this time that his love of the bridal industry grew and his passion for designing wedding dresses took hold.

In 1980, Demetrios’ dream of owning his own company became a reality. He purchased Ilissa Bridals of New York City. Virtually overnight, he turned an unknown local business into a thriving, international company. Today, bridal boutiques throughout the world proudly sell Demetrios wedding dresses. With “Brides by Demetrios” stores, as well as “Bridal Salons By Demetrios” located in Macy’s stores throughout the nation, Demetrios has been established as a prestigious leader in the bridal industry. As both designer and owner, Demetrios is an icon in the bridal fashion industry. His wedding dresses offer women the widest and most versatile styles, and are on the cutting edge of the fashion world.

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