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Pronovias is a family firm that began life in El Suizo, a prestigious Barcelona store founded in 1922 that specialised in the lace, embroidery and high-quality silk fabrics demanded by the brides of Catalonia’s high society. The company presented its first collection of prêt-a-porter wedding gowns in Spain in 1964 – a great novelty in the sector at the time. The Pronovias brand was born during the same decade and in 1968 it once again took a pioneering step: it opened the first specialised bridal shops in Spain.

In 2009 Pronovias opens its first Flagship in Italy, at San Pietro all’Orto in Milan, just a few metres from Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping arcade. The family that founded the company still manages its operations and expansion process, transmitting the quality and design philosophy that characterises its work. This concept spreads out through all of its 150 stores and 4250 sales points in more than 72 countries where the brands and their products can be found.

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Style and design are the most aspired aspects regarding clothing that always make people conscious about selecting the right dress. People wear clothes of different designs and styles to ensure that they are looking good. That said, a bride definitely wishes to look her best at her wedding, which trickles down to having the right dress on. If you need a perfect dress for your wedding, do not fret! Sposabella Bridal is here to help you get one. We are equipped with a trendy and stylish collection of Pronovias dresses to meet the customer’s needs.

Wedding dresses come in a wide range of styles and colours, giving you a variety of options. When there is a need to buy a peerless dress according to your needs, Sposabella Bridal is the most professional outlet that can serve us with an extravaganza collection. Have a look at some of the best essentials discussed below.

1. When choosing your desired dress, it always matters that how it will look on us. You need to make sure the right selection. You know you found the picture-perfect dress when you feel confident and comfortable wearing it. When choosing your Pronovias wedding dress, it is important to look for an outlet that has the latest designs. For that matter, Sposabella Bridal has the latest designs of Pronovias dresses to meet modern-day trends.

2. We are a professional company that is linked with this profession for several years. Over time, we have served several brides to their utmost satisfaction. Thus, you can rest assured that you will get the perfect dress from Sposabella Bridal according to your requirements.
3. When it comes to pricing of the dress of Pronovias Sydney, bridal shops in Sydney charge a lot. However, Sposabella Bridal offers these dresses at the best prices.
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