This Season’s Hottest Bridal Trends

by Marieta Fernández, author of Quiero Una Boda Perfecta

On Saturday, October 7, 2017 Pronovias delighted the audience at 583 Park Avenue with the new designs in the Atelier Pronovias 2018 Collection. The New York Bridal Fashion Week was unquestionably a marvellous showcase for sharing the hottest bridal trends for this season. Would you like to join me and discover them ? Take notes!


 Romeo dress on the #PronoviasFashionShow catwalk

This season’s wedding dress must-haves continue to be long sleeves, finely-worked and/or bare backs, which make the bride stand out on her wedding day, along with other bridal trends such as the very sexy and special illusions and tattoo effects, among other bridal trends.

Riada, Runis, Royal, Rierol, Riva, Risena, Rubi, Relato, Real, Rocio… are just a few of the wonderful designs to be found in the new Atelier Pronovias 2018 Collection. Based on these dresses, we can define the four hottest bridal trends for 2018. 

 Royal dress‘ sexy neckline

1. Bare-shouldered and/or off-the-shoulder designs are a bridal trend for 2018. A very delicate, simple and sensual detail  that adds romanticism, elegance and large doses of subtlety. This style is perfect for brides with smaller busts, but perhaps should be avoided by women with full busts and/or broad shoulders, as this type of neckline seeks to define the female figure by likening it to the shape of a guitar.

The Royal dress is a clear example of this fashion trend. A mermaid dress in which geometry and beading steal the show, although that touch of elegance, refinement and delicacy is marked by the illusions and the off-the-shoulder neckline, along with the finely beaded long sleeves. The crystal tulle back, with buttons down the center, adds sensuality and great style.

2. Sweetheart necklines and very deep V-necklines are in vogue, but they are equally rivaled by the jewel and bateau necklines, both of which are high and very modest.

The sweetheart neckline, very popular in the past and known for its ability to enhance the bust of brides with moderate-sized chests, creates a lovely and delicate décolletage. If you are full-busted, you should try this style on and make sure it doesn’t overemphasize your curves. One thing this type of neckline does is highlight the neck and shoulders, making it a very sensual option. The Runis design is a delicate example, with a very marked mermaid silhouette and a sweetheart neckline combined with a deep V-neckline in crystal tulle. This wonderful hand-crafted dress shows off a back bare, while the embroidered tulle and sparkly beading will draw the gaze of every guest.

Riada, a dream dress

The V-neckline is no doubt one of the most sexy, striking and provocative necklines. Of course, not every bride will dare to wear it; it is very flattering for smaller-busted brides, but if you have a very full chest you may not be able to relax on your wedding day if you’re worrying about a wardrobe mishap. The Riada dress is all the rage this season thanks to both its deep V-neckline in tulle with beaded floral appliqués and its very suggestive and sexy illusions, which are perfectly complemented by a flared chiffon skirt that provides the bride with the purest romanticism.

In contrast to the previous necklines, in 2018 we’ll also see more demure brides, ones who prefer to reveal other areas of their bodies and choose high necklines, which are very flattering for most women since bust size doesn’t have to be considered in this case. We’ll also be able to find the bateau neckline, a modest neckline but one that gives the woman who wears it great elegance and which is perfect for harmonising the female figure. If these options don’t win you over, you should try on some of the designs such as Rubi, Relato, Real, Renat or Ramir.


 Roxana dress and its beautiful princess skirt with side pockets

3. After several seasons in which we had stopped seeing so much fullness in wedding dresses, skirts with lots of volume and strategically placed ruffles are reappearing to add romanticism, elegance and voluptuousness to the bride bold enough to wear them. As a novelty, we find dresses with very full skirts, such as Relisa, Ria, Ruth, Risal, Ronda, Roxana, Roncel and Rodas, among others.

Rierol dress with side openings

4. Side openings are extremely suggestive for the female body. They always add a sexy touch to the bride while also being discreet and sophisticated, insinuating but not revealing anything. A perfect choice for brides with smaller busts. As demonstrated by the Rierol style, in which the illusions on the sides that outline the silhouette are the main attraction. A low-waist mermaid wedding dress with openings on the sides that reveal a delicate interplay of lace, beading and skin.

If I had to define the hottest bridal trends for the 2018 season in just one word, it would be: sensuality.

Sensuality for a woman in its purest state. Sensuality spelled out in capital letters. Sensuality for any type of woman, because every bride has a sexy side. Sensuality stitched into every one of the designs. Delicate, modest and very elegant sensuality. Sensuality for a self-confident bride who wants to look incredible on her wedding day. Sensuality that can be seen in off-the-shoulder necklines, side openings, long sleeves, white beading, volumes, dramatic and modest necklines or sweetheart necklines, and in suggestive lace and tulle illusions.

Riada dress. Photos by: Dario Aranyo

The new designs of the Atelier Pronovias 2018 Collection are all hand-crafted by the firm’s wonderful seamstresses. This surprising and magical collection unquestionably radiates sophistication, elegance, and innovation for brides who are planning to say “I do” in the coming season. Don’t miss your chance, to try on in Sposabella bridal!